This is the soundtrack to the novical™ (novel + musical) "A Tale of Two Fools." Author and composer Sir Wick takes you on a musical journey via classical, gospel, hip-hop, and R&B genres. Beginning with a cinematic overture (Alexandra's Song), Anthony Saunders's voice captures the sound of Eli, the naive but pure-hearted protagonist (I Just Do, Give My All, etc). Detroit-born songstress, and Broadway's latest star, Angela Birchett shows off her dynamic vocals as Alexandra on such songs as "What a Mighty God We Serve," "Who am I to Choose," and "Loving you is all I need"  
You are guaranteed to be transported into the world of "A Tale of Two Fools" cast, music, and entrancing scenarios by way of this revolutionary multi-dimensional entertainment experience.  

A Novical™, once again, the combination of the words “novel” and “musical,” is my creation of a new literary and listening experience.  Every time you see words in bold and underline, that represents a song on the soundtrack. It is your choice: you can stop and listen to the song on the CD or computer right then or listen to it after you read.  It doesn’t matter how you approach it; it is however you want to experience “A Tale of Two Fools.”

The Story:

Eliezer “Eli” Brooks is a music major whose main objective is perfection. He works tirelessly in a practice room to become the best trumpeter in the world but his dedication to his music makes him a social hermit. Despite his focus, he unexpectedly falls in love with Alexandra Hylton: a young MBA student who is being courted to work for a major-marketing firm post-graduation. Although she loves Eli, Alexandra realizes that her life may be better by returning to her ex-boyfriend Harrison, a six-figure executive who can give her everything she desires.  
Will Eli find true love with Alexandra or will she return to her former love?  

1) Alexandra’s Song (Main Theme) 

Sir Wick 

Opening Credits and Main Theme of the Novical™, A Tale of Two Fools. 

2) What a Mighty God We Serve 

Sir Wick (feat. Angela Birchett & Rafael Statin) 

After being bombarded by her good friends Pearl and Lynn, Alexandra “Alex” Hylton is at first closed to changing her mind about the type of guy she dates. Alex reminds Lynn that everyone can’t find their soulmate at such a young age like she has.  Pearl briefly begins to sing “What a Mighty God We Serve” shouting for joy, especially since Lynn dates Pearl’s cousin Omar.  After the conversation, Alex’s mind slowly opens up to the possibility of change and then starts singing the song herself. 

3) Dance Tonight 

Sir Wick (feat. Shiron Denise & Rafael Statin) 

Omar and Nathaniel, friends of Eli, convince Eli Brooks, our residential die-hard musician, to get out of the practice room and try to meet some girls at a party. Omar joins his longtime girlfriend Lynn, and Nathaniel, the ladies man, resurrects his futile attempt to court Pearl. Eli meets Alex for the first time and is immediately smitten. 

4.) I Just Do 

Sir Wick (feat. Anthony Saunders & John Douglas) 

Eli expresses his growing love for Alex. 

5.) Harrison’s Song 

Sir Wick (feat. Djoser Pharaoh) 

Alex receives a sing-o-gram from her ex-fiancé Harrison.  

6.) Alexandra’s Lament No. 1 (Who Am I to Choose) 

Sir Wick [feat. Angela Birchett] 

Alexandra laments the contradiction of her love for Eli and her lingering feelings for Harrison, much to the chagrin of Pearl and Lynn.  They tell her she’s a fool if she doesn’t stay with Eli. 

7) Pearl (Swing Version) 

Sir Wick [feat. Rafael Statin] 

Meanwhile, Nathaniel continues his pursuit of Pearl, who is totally uninterested. 

8) You Are My World 

Sir Wick (feat. Angela Birchett) 

Alex clears her mind of everyone else and devotes her heart to Eli 

9) Give My All 

Sir Wick (feat. Anthony Saunders & Rafael Statin) 

Eli is tempted by Alex’s best friend Janessa.  After eluding her temptation, Janessa thoroughly approves of Eli and Alex’s relationship.  Eli thinks he is finally going to meet Alex’s parents but she has a job interview in Paris. Eli says her happiness is most important and is willing to work out a long distance relationship. 

10) A Love Rekindled 

Sir Wick 

Harrison mysteriously appears in Paris as Alex and her friends arrive. 

11. Keep It Moving (Keep on Moving) 

Sir Wick (feat. Anthony Saunders & Anthony Skills Morgan) 

Eli confronts Alex about her Paris trip and questions her about cheating.  Eli then breaks up with her. 

12) Alexandra’s Lament No. 2 

Sir Wick 

Alex reflects on her actions as she finds out Harrison is married.  Janessa, her best friend, reminds her that it Eli who deserves her love. 

13) Loving You Is All I Need 

Sir Wick (feat. Angela Birchett) 

Alex tries desperately to get back with Eli. 

14) Stay on the Focus 

Sir Wick (feat. Vice, Maurica Roland & John Douglas) 

Nathaniel warns Eli about getting back with Alex, especially since she cheated on him with an old boyfriend. 

15) I Refuse to Say Goodbye 

Sir Wick (feat. Anthony Saunders & John Douglas) 

Eli is not ready to let go of Alexandra. 

16.) Daddy’s Little Girl 

Sir Wick 

As Alex and Eli reconcile, the crew goes to a jazz club before Eli goes out of town for his audition. However, someone doesn’t show up because of work. 

17.) Wick’s Groove No. 2: My Love Is Here to Stay 

Sir Wick (feat. Angela Birchett, De'Sean Jones & John Douglas) 

Alex leaves Eli hanging when he needs a ride to the train station.  To his surprise, Alex came to meet him at the depot but only stayed for a hot second.  She walked in and gave him a kiss, a hug, and a card. 

 18) Antoinette 

Sir Wick (feat. Anthony Saunders & John Douglas) 

Eli lands in Chicago and stays with his cousin, Antoinette, as he prepares for his audition for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  Antoinette disagrees with his relationship with Alex. 

19) Pearl (Symphonic Version) 

Sir Wick 

Pearl consoles Eli who is hurt that Alex couldn’t make it to his final concert in college and misses a special announcement. 

20) Dream Come True 

Sir Wick (feat. Anthony Saunders, Maurica Roland & Rafael Statin) 

The fellas and Pearl perform at the end of the year talent show where Omar has a special surprise for Lynn. 

21) Detroit 

Sir Wick (feat. Angela Birchett & Rafael Statin) 

Alex has been hired to do marketing for the City of Detroit 

22) I Love You 

Sir Wick (feat. Anthony Saunders & John Douglas) 

Eli questions Alex about her job to the point of breaking up with her for good. 

23) In Your Praise 

Sir Wick (feat. Angela Birchett & Rafael Statin) 

Alex sings at church while grieving over her . 

24) Down by the Riverside / Quick Prayer II 

Sir Wick (feat. Angela Birchett & Lawrence Mitchell-Matthews) 

The church continues to sing while Alex is consoled. 

25) You Will Never Know (Closing Credits) 

Sir Wick (feat. Anthony Saunders, Rafael Statin & John Douglas) 

Eli finds a new love in his life.

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