Teacher Shortage in ATL

There are about 1,500 Teacher vacancies, in the METRO ATLANTA AREA. Some districts are using the lure of MONEY to entice teachers to work for them, which is cool. But we must analyze the under lying factor of WHY there…

What if....Rap had given proper credit


It's 1993. Hip Hop is huge.  I'm loving it.  I know I want to be a producer and as I'm loving hip-hop, I am simultaneously falling in love with jazz (thanks to Benjamin Pruitt!)   I get this idea to put…Read more

I need to finish:

 Amen, finished my 3rd and 4th cello suite.  BOUT TIME CHAD!!!

Now, I need to finish:

  1. Alma Mater (choir and Piano)
  2. Percussion Concerto
  3. 18th and Vine (orchestra)
  4. Benjamin and Caroline (big band)
  5. Baking Scene (Big band)
  6. Rewrite a few bars…
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Living Composers


Some awesome pieces from living composers!!!!!!!1

Kevin Day

William AR May

Brooke Pierson

Armando Bayolo

James Lee II


What goes around, comes around

Back in the 48109, One of my composition teachers sat me down and opened up a great score. He saw what I was doing (which was terrible) and he showed me what this MAGNIFICENT composer had done. Few weeks…Read more

I Wonder Why I Love Music so much?

I Wonder
I Wonder Why do I love Music so much?
I wonder
Is it because first and foremost, my father and his sister played the music of Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Motown, Patrice Rushen, and many others… Read more

Virtual Performance Video: How Long does it take?

Many people have asked how long does it take from from "start to finish" to make a virtual performance video. I have to give you an almost full-unabridged explanation so you can understand what needs to be done.  It's…

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Boston Symphony Orchestra

 Truly honored.  What a wonderful article!