The French Horn

I have received numerous compliments on my writing for the French Horn.  Although I am grateful for them, the truth is I can't take too much credit for it.  I was immersed into a culture where the French Horn was…Read more

Video Part 1

I have recently filmed my first video production EVER!!! I must admit, I was nervous as all heck.
Nonetheless, it was a success.  I have to give much props to Kamal Smith for his invaluable tidbits.

This video will be…Read more

Arranging vs Composing

There was a gentleman who told me that he had a professor who said "arranging was the same thing as composing."
Au contraire mon frère, ce n'est pas vrai. There is a huge DIFFERENCE.   I think the best way…Read more

Dead German's Greatest Hits and Music that swings!

We often make a fatal mistake of attempting to separate the so-called classical tradition of African American music with our rich and profoundly influential improvisational traditions. Ellington, Strayhorn, Monk and Mingus should appear on any list of African American composers.Read more